Macquarie Telecom Group has three businesses.

Macquarie Telecom can help your business with voice, mobile, data or hybrid cloud hosting solutions - logo part of the Macquarie Telecom Group

For business, we are a full service provider of data, voice, mobile and colocation services. We are the telecom that does everything in a #SoUnTelco way. And yes, we are where the Macquarie story started.

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Macquarie Cloud Services are the experts in cloud hosting and colocation data centres for disaster recovery - logo part of the Macquarie Telecom Group

For business customers we are the specialists in hybrid IT as we integrate data centre, cloud, and dedicated servers. We understand that different applications need different types of hosting. We migrate it. We manage it. We ensure it is IT standards compliant.

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Macquarie Government are secure cloud and VMware cloud experts for Canberra and Australian government - logo part of the Macquarie Telecom Group

For Government customers we are the Australian specialists in cyber security, secure cloud and data centres. We deliver this for 42% of Federal Government agencies. We work closely with Australian Defence and Intelligence agencies.

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How our journey started.

The Macquarie Telecom Group journey started when we were an entrepreneurial startup with a passion for making a difference in customer service and opening up the newly deregulated telecom industry.

The industry was dominated by the monopolist Telstra who called customers “subscribers”, tried to crush competition wherever it emerged and delayed the introduction of new technologies that would erode their profits. We were the challenger who fought for deregulation, so as to bring down prices and launch new innovative technology for our customers. We still are.

We started the hard way with just the savings of our founders, our competitors were quite different from the beginning …Telstra inherited the world and Optus was the lucky child that had parents with virtually unlimited capital. Customers gave us the opportunity, we changed their service experience and we grew from zero to $200m in revenue in 10 years.

We have always been focused on one customer segment, the underserved corporate customer. Our customers have always had significant complexity in their needs, but lack the depth of IT skills. Our customers have always had significant successful businesses, but will always be lost as a rounding number for the Australian telcos and public clouds.

We have never stopped innovating, here are some of our favourites. In 2000 we opened Australia’s first Tier 3 data centre. In 2005 we brought competition and innovation to Government security. In 2011 we brought private cloud compute and cloud storage services to Australia. In 2015 we launched the first WAN that enables customers to embrace SaaS cloud offerings. We have been busy working on some more big innovations, you’ll see more on our news blog this year.

Why Macquarie? We are proudly Australian and he was one of our founding fathers. We see ourselves reimagining our industry, in the same way Governor Macquarie transformed our country from an open air prison into a country you would migrate to. We see ourselves embracing the power of the human spirit, in the same way Macquarie Telecom Group gave opportunity to all.

The Macquarie story is a compelling tale of passionate people with the drive to make a difference and innovate.

Australian leading NPS.

Our customers say we have the best service in Australia.

We know this because they’re more likely to recommend us. Here is the proof…

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Our data centres

We have invested around $200m in Tier III data centres that are built for mission critical IT needs.

We are serious about certification so our customers can be compliant with Defence, financial services and payment regulations.

Macquarie Telecom Group - IC2 data hall housing secure cloud and dedicated hosting for Australian business looking at colocation