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We have become aware of an employment scam operating overseas that uses our name and offers work from home opportunities. Please note:

  • We do not interview candidates via Google hangouts;
  • We are not recruiting overseas;
  • We will never send you a cheque to deposit on our behalf;
  • Never agree to transfer money for someone else;
  • Always check that emails purporting to be from a company originate from their email domain.

Why Macquarie?

A happy workplace.

At Macquarie Telecom Group, we believe in amazing customer service. We also believe that we can’t achieve this without a happy workplace. That’s why we’ve made it our challenge to make our people feel good and love the work they do. Because of this, our people are energized and motivated in their work – so much so that our Macquarie Cloud Services Business Unit been ranked in the top 20 Best Places to Work for businesses under 100 in 2019 and 2020!

Great Place to Work | 2020 Best Places to Work under 100 Employees Australia

Working at Macquarie Telecom Group.

We reckon the best times in your working career are the times when you feel you can make a difference and be part of collaborating to build something special. That’s what we feel and what we are always trying to deliver as a culture for the team. It’s not actually for everyone. Having the ability to make a real difference comes with a high level of responsibility and for some that’s just not what excites them. We spend a lot of time in interviews making sure you find out what we are and what we are not as it’s really important to us that we are just as good a fit for you, as you are for us!

We asked our top 10% of performers why they stayed and strived to be successful, this is what they’ve told us. They say they love working for a company that is big enough to attract lots of talented people but small enough for one person to make a difference. They feel they are not just a number or a dot on an org chart. They love the fact that decisions are made in Australia and they can easily talk to Executives. There is an open door policy, indeed we have no offices or doors. They feel supported by our Executives engagement with customers and on strategic technical issues that matter.

What’s it like to be a manager here? And what should I expect?

Whether you’re a seasoned manager or new to the game, you can be sure we’ll invest in your leadership skills, management and performance coaching.

We expect our managers to be leaders and performance coaches, as well as doing the normal management role.

Our goal is to coach on a few areas where we both believe you can achieve your potential over monthly coffee conversations where we help you identify practical things to work on that will improve your performance. Managers have an important role in identifying talent, building on it, and helping people explore career path options. We have moved from traditional six monthly performance management to monthly feedback and performance coaching. Its all about helping you succeed in your role.

As we expect more from our managers than most, we recognise that we need to ensure that becoming a manager isn’t the only way to advance your career. So we have built career paths for people who want to advance as senior individual contributors in technical, commercial, and customer service areas.

If you are experienced in the IT&T industry or business generally then we would like to grow with you.

If you’re working for a monster telco or a multinational subsidiary of an IT company, then this will be a new experience.

Here is why. We are an Australian headquartered ASX listed company where you have the opportunity to create something special. You’re closer to the decision makers, or maybe you are one. There are lots of talented people here, so success will come from collaborating with them. People here are genuinely friendly and welcoming, yes really. We love exploring new technologies that we can operationalize into a customer service.

If you’re experienced in another industry and the things we do look interesting, lots of our most successful people have made the transition with us. If you have the skills we need, the key is an ability to demonstrate a willingness and ability to learn new things.


If you would like to get a start in the IT or telecom industry, then we have created two great entry pathways that we hire for throughout the year.

We’re all about giving passionate people a way into the industry. Throughout the year, our two pathways are:

  • Telecom: We hire university or tertiary graduates in non-technical disciplines for our Hub.
  • Cloud Services & Government: We hire university graduates or final year students with technical degrees for our HMC.

In both roles, we look for people with a genuine interest in technology and a knack for helping others. Also, you’ll need to be an Australian citizen and be government security cleared (you’ve probably read about some of the exciting things we do in cyber security).

We invest in technical training.

From entry level roles, through to Tier 3 engineers, our people complete mandatory training – internally and externally. We understand this is not for everyone, which is why we look for people who still have an appetite for continuing their education. This external and internal technical training is mandatory and leads to external technical accreditations (yes, this means exams and assignments too).

We are big on rewards & recognition.

We’re all for rewarding great work, and we have 4 big company-wide programs to show it:

  1. Macquarie Club. For to the top 10% performers, we award a Macquarie Club membership. This means you’ll travel to amazing overseas destinations to hang out with the company’s brightest, and tackle one big strategic issue in the business.
  2. Heartbeat Club. Providing personal accountable service is at the heart of everything we do. Heartbeat encourages the sharing of great customer service stories with outstanding stories recognised and rewarded nationally.
  3. Sales recognition trips. We know reaching targets is tough, so we award these trips every six months for our top sales performers.
  4. Milestones. We recognise people who’ve been with us for 5, 10 and 15 years in company meetings and annual dinners. We appreciate their significant contribution.

We also do lots of smaller things to appreciate people. Here are some of the favourites: we allow everyone to sleep in on the morning of their birthday; each manager has a budget for recognition and team building events so we get some very creative and wacky ideas; and each manager can do on the spot awards for people who help other teams.

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Here, jobs turn into rewarding careers.

  • Personal Accountable Service

    Personal accountable service

  • Results

    Making a difference

  • Making a difference


  • Collaboration


What do we look for in interviews?

While our people are very diverse in every way, we have found that the there are some attributes that we look to see in all candidates. We like to see a genuine passion for delivering a customer experience that is beyond expectations. We call this personal accountable service and is one of our values. Many candidates assume this means it is about doing your job well, we assume you will do this like our customers do, rather this is about delighting customers. Read our customer case studies to learn more.

We are looking for people who have a deep passion inside for making a difference. While on the outside you may be mild mannered or extraverted, it is what is underneath that matters … would you like to be part of something that you can influence or change. We understand that many people don’t have this inside them or other things going on in their lives have extinguished this, so we are probably not right for one another.

We are looking for people who have a track record of getting results. Many people coast along achieving just enough to keep their jobs in big companies, unfortunately we are not a good fit for each other. Like with any well run business we expect our people to keep achieving results. We will try hard to find the right seat on the bus for everyone where you can be more successful.

We look for evidence of collaboration at work and outside work as our success has come from people working together.

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