Power and cooling. A couple of our favourite words.

For you, that’s non-negotiable. For us, it’s a given. We guarantee it, 99.9% up-time, all day, every day… even the really hot ones!

Our data centres are highly certified and secure environments, trusted by the Government and backed by a 100% service level guarantee. There’s nothing to worry about. Even our complimentary coffee machine runs 24/7 smoothly.

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Thank you for contacting us.

Meet our data centres (Intellicentres).

Macquarie Telecom Group Intellicentre 2 Secured Racks

Intellicentre 1

This was our first data centre and we love that its based in the Sydney CBD, so do our Hosting Management Centre (HMC) staff, as this is their home base all day every day. We call it IC1. If you allow 5 minutes for the walk over from Central Station, you’ll have time to pick-up a coffee on the way…

See here for more info on Intellicentre 1.

Sydney Data Centre - IC2 Data Centre Macquarie Park

Intellicentre 2

This is our most certified data centre… and Australia’s. It was also the first to achieve the up-time institute tier III certification – we think that’s neat! We call it IC2 and it was designed to be super-efficient with a PUE of 1.3. Located at Macquarie Park,  IC2 is close to the city without being too close for most business continuity requirements.

See here for more info on Intellicentre 2.

Sydney Data Centre IC3 East - Macquarie Park

Intellicentre 3 - Coming Soon.

The development of Intellicentre 3 (IC3) will be the next step in creating the Macquarie Park Data Centre Campus. Built in 2 phases, the exciting development will take our total capacity at Macquarie Park from 10MW to 43MW.

See here for more info on Intellicentre 3.

Intellicentre 4

This data centre was designed to support the Federal Government’s gateway consolidation program. Some people call it IC4 and others prefer to say “the bunker”, and you can see the office from the air over Canberra airport. We like to keep the location details on a need to know basis… if you need to know, give us a call.

Work for government? See here for more info on our Canberra data centre.

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